Ok so been listening to a lot (too much!) of the UK media comment on prospective UK membership of the eurozone now that the pound is collapsing….consensus seems to be (consistnent with my previous posts) that UK citizens continue to feel pride in the picture of the sovereign on their notes and imaginery bridges simply will not work!

The UK view also seems to be that UK membership would be a major boost to the eurozone and create a (true) European alternative to wall street… true is this?

First, London is an important euro financial centre even if not in the eurozone – in fact i would guess (ok, not really a guess!) that a majority of the transactions carried out in London financial centres are € denominated

I don’t accept that UK membership of the eurozone is key to euro zone financial success – this is not a question of eurozone governance – this has been covered in my last post. The eurozone as it is current constituted is a major economic force (sizee, trade links, etc). It can keep that position based on current membership (if, as per my prior posts, the eurozone starts acting as a single monetary area)

But basically my view is that the constant obsession about UK membership is a distraction from getting the eurozone properly structured – in other words delaying the proper governance of the eurozone until the UK joins simply postpones what is key for euro sucess – and pointlessly because the UK isn’t joining!

So an important European country ( the UK) isn’t important to the future of the eurozone…..


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  1. I would say, rather, that the UK is just not critical for the eurozone. But it’s joining would be important. It would be a major step forward, not only for the UK, but for the concept of a unified monetary system and the stability one provides. Scavangers, parasites and pioneers dislike stability because it destroys the usefulness of their unsustainable fringe strategies. That, of course, is the point; to replace unstable short-term thinking with stable long-term thinking. The longer the UK holds itself aloof, the longer the instability inherent in multiple currencies will continue and the less sustainable will be our world. The eurozone will survive the UK’s absence with no problem, but it is sad that such a large economy insists on having a negative influence on the planet. Its acquiescence to a theoretical loss of “sovereignty” would be an important step forward.

  2. Thanks for the comment and i agree that it would be good for the whole UK r/ship with the EU (and vice versa). But we are in the middle of an economic crisis in which the future of the euro is not sure and its collapse is not an imposibility – time to stop talking membership and time to start talking organisation – get a co-ordinated fiscal solution and stop the one member one vote on the ECB rate setting council nonsense

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